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Grant understands that purchasing a home is the biggest investment that most people will make in a lifetime.  He also knows that this decision is deeply personal and for many people, represents a new beginning.  It is imperative to him that you, the potential homeowner, are provided with all the information you need to make a wise and informed decision.

Grant has over thirty years of professional experience in the following areas:

-as an educator, Grant has spent his adult life developing and employing countless assessment tools

-as an expert in risk management, Grant is trained and experienced in looking for and highlighting potential risks and problems

-as a pilot, Grant has spent decades conducting detailed inspections on the aircraft with which he entrusts his and others’ lives

-as a homeowner, Grant has bought, sold, and renovated a number of properties, both urban and rural

Whether this is your first or umpteenth potential home, you deserve peace of mind.  This is Grant’s commitment to you.